Saying that every problem that the country has will most likely need Cuban doctors to help fix it, the South African government tonight brought in Cuban doctors to help end load shedding, “Load shedding has been going on for some years now and there seems to be no solution to it. But our fast thinking government remembered that eish… we as South Africa have a long outstanding history and a beautiful relationship with the country of Cuba. So we thought let’s maybe bring in a dozen of Cuban doctors to help us end load shedding. These doctors are very experienced and they really helped us a lot during COVID,” the South African government said on Tuesday evening.

Twelve Cuban doctors arrived at the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg just after 8:00 PM on Tuesday night. They will be deployed to the different power stations stationed across the country to try and diagnose them and come up with solutions and maybe figure out what the hell is going on, “We have exhausted our options. We don’t know what the flip we should do anymore. We’ve tried everything and load shedding just won’t go away. At this point, we will try anything and everything that will end load shedding and since Cuban doctors helped us so much in the past, we believe they can work their magic on these power stations…we believeĀ  an injection or some Panado or whatever they use in their flipping country might work miracles. ” the government said.

The twelve Cuban doctors are on their way to different power stations in Mpumalanga and Limpopo to do who knows what as we speak.





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