Saying that South Africans are starting to get used to the current  stages of load shedding, which are stages 2, 4 and 6, Eskom announced this morning that they are planning to spice things up a little bit in 2023 to keep everyone entertained.

Speaking in Kriel Mpumalanga on Monday morning, Eskom senior representative Dr. Sybl Maphosa said the power utility will this year introduce a load shedding stage called Gqeberha and another one called Phala Phala.

”Ggeberha stage is a stage that no one has ever heard of but people will be expected to accept it and live with it just because we as the government have decided it is good for the people” Maphosa said.

”The Phala Phala stage on the other hand, is a stage where electricity will just disappear without a trace and authorities will be involved to try and restore it. But everything will be done illegally so” he said.

At publishing time, South Africa was still at stages ‘who knows when?’ and ‘who knows at time?’ electricity will come back.





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