Following his many years of outstanding service as a public servant, DD Mabuza is finally taking a gap year to focus on himself.

Saying that he noticed that since he became deputy president of the country he always put the needs of other people first and that he never really had time to focus on himself, deputy president David Mabuza said on Wednesday morningĀ  that next year, he will be taking some time off to focus on himself.

“Since I took the position of deputy president of the country I never really had some time to focus on myself. I am always working for other people. I have decided to take a gap year in 2024 and do what I like, try to find myself and spend some time pleasuring myself. “he said.

Mabuza says he will spend most of his days in 2024 trying to find himself,” Most people call me the cat. I also call ‘me’ the cat. But I don’t really know who I am. I want to find myself and know who I really am. ” he said.

Mabuza says he will make his return to politics in 2025 after his gab year, “Maybe people will appreciate me by that time. But for now…. I just want to have some time to myself and pleasure myself.” he said.




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