Saying that a lot of people encounter punctures on South African roads because they do not give themselves time to memorize where potholes are on the road, Transport minister Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday encouraged all motorists to stop texting while driving and try to focus on the road so they can spot potholes and memorize them to avoid punctures in the future,

“We don’t have that many potholes on our roads. People must just stop texting while they are driving and focus on memorizing the potholes they see on the road. This will save them a huge amount of time in the future changing a tyre.” he said.

Speaking at the Puncture Imbizo that was held at a small town called Panyaza in the Northern Cape, Mbalula said those with a low IQ can use other objects to try to remember where certain potholes are,” If you know that your IQ is low and you won’t remember where certain potholes are, try to mark them by a tree next to them or something. You can also remember them by their shapes. Some are shaped like the continent of Africa”.

“Do this until government has the money to fix these potholes and you will be happy motorists.” he said.




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