Saying that she is almost sick and tired of scandals every year surrounding the exams for grade twelve learners, minister of basic education in South Africa, Angie Motshekga, announced on Wednesday morning that in 2022 she took the initiative to mark all the exam papers for all the subjects and all the learners herself.

“It wasn’t an easy exise. My hand is still sore from all the marking. I can’t even recall how many Red Bulls I had to drink to stay up day and night so I can finish marking all the papers. There was a total of 753 964 full-time candidates and 167 915 part-time candidates who wrote the exam last year and I marked all their papers myself to ensure we’ve got zero errors. “, the minister told journalists in Johannesburg.

” I started with Mathematics, English and Physics because those ones are simple. And then I went on and marked the difficult ones like Life Orientation and Human Social Sciences. Akgggg… I’m so tired right now. Can the results come out already?”, Motshekga said.

Motshekga says the job is not done yet, she is yet to print and publish the results on all the newspapers all by herself before she can fully rest,” Learners can also come to me on the 20th of January to collect their statements, all of them. I should be done by then. ” she said.




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