Saying that coal often gets wet when it is raining and that diesel is now more expensive than it was back in 1981, Eskom announced on Saturday morning that they are building a new power station in Mpumalanga that will be powered solely by Ramaphosa talking rubbish, “Rubbish from Ramaphosa’s mouth is more reliable than coal and diesel. Coal gets wet on rainy days and diesel is expensive and is sometimes hard to get when there are wars in Middle-Eastern countries. Rubbish from Ramaphosa’s mouth is everlasting and even when it gets finished, which is unlikely to happen, he can just open his mouth again and release more. That will save Eskom a lot of money. “, Eskom national rep Mike Skhosana said in Hendrina . “If this power station becomes a success. We will build more power stations like it and even convert the ones that we already have to use rubbish from Ramaphosa’s mouth. We have been struggling with load shedding as a country for years while the answer to our problem is right under our nose, staring us in the face. Here’s our solution to load shedding” he said.




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