Transport minister in South Africa sister Fikile Lolo Mbalula was recently asked how many potholes the country has in a recent written parliamentary Question and Answer, in his response, Mbalula said it is not really important to say how many potholes we have in the country, what is important is what these potholes can do for us in return.

“When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. People should stop asking me unnecessary difficult questions. It is not important to know how many potholes we have in this country. What is important is the fact that these potholes produce very good drivers. The best drivers in the whole while world are from here in South Africa. Through dodging, ducking and diving potholes, our people have become the best in driving compared to the rest of the world,” he said.

Mbalula says apart from producing good drivers, potholes also help people to drive slow, “imagine if we did not have pothole, people would be speeding all the time. So, stop counting how many pothole we have and start looking at the benefits of having these potholes. Speed kills!” he said.


*If it looks like satire and it sounds like satire, then it's probably satire


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