Saying that he already tried everything he knows to try and get the country back into a working state, South African president Cyrillic Ramaphosa called tech support on Sunday to report that the country is not functioning.

“Hello tech support, I’d like to report a country that is not working please. ” he said.

Asked by the nice lady from tech support what he means when he says the country is not working, Ramaphosa explained and said “Nothing works. Everything is just not working since I became president”.

“OK sir, have you tried switching it off and back ON?” the lady from tech support asked.  “I have young lady. I switch it off at least twice a day for at least two hours a time but it’s still not working” he responded.

“No sir, I think that’s why your country is not working. You switch it off way too much sir.” the lady from tech support said. “Shut up!!!! You don’t tell me how I should run my country young lady!” a very angry Ramaphosa said before hanging up.

Note: Satire




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