Saying that since he passed away on the 6th of September 2019 he has had no  chance to rest in peace because Zimbabweans keep mentioning his name in every sentence they say, former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe on Thursday called on all the people of Zimbabwe all over the world to please stop trying to contact him,

“Good people of Zimbabwe, since I left earth I have not had any peace because you always mention my name in every conversation you have. Please note that I am no longer your president.

Actually… I’m not anybody’s president anymore,” he said. “When I arrived in Heaven I decided to become a DJ. I am a DJ now. Stop trying to contact me. I am not your president.” the former statesman said looking down on Zimbabwe while standing at the Pearly Gates on Thursday morning.

“Next time you see me, please don’t call me president. I have decided to become a DJ because when I arrived in heaven I learned that being a DJ was actually my true calling. I should have been a DJ on earth as well. If I had followed my true calling on earth  Zimbabwe would still be the great country that it was before I decided I want to be a leader of the people. ” the former president who is now a DJ in heaven said while shedding a tear.




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