South Africa is said to have over ten trillion potholes on its roads, and gatvol South Africans have started planting trees in some of these potholes that the government of the country is not fixing to make the country greener and a much better place to live in.

In an effort to reduce damages to the tyres of their cars, people around the country have taken to the roads to do what the government seems to be failing to do, ‘closing potholes’.

“We have too many potholes everywhere in this country. It seems government is not willing to do anything about the potholes and we therefore decided to use them to make the country greener by planting trees in them. At least trees produce oxygen.”, Nico van Zyl who is one of the leaders of the project said in Pretoria on Tuesday morning.

Clowns In Suits tried contacting President Cyril Ramaphosa to get his  view on the matter but he just hung up on us.


*Satire is not real news


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