President Cyril Ramaphosa has decided to not comment on the Phala Phala farm robbery, citing that above all things in life, ‘silence is golden’. “I love gold. We all love gold. Who would choose silver over gold? They say speech is silver and that silence is golden. I choose gold over silver. So I will not comment on the Phala Phala robbery,” Ramaphosa told those accusing him of corruption on said Tuesday evening.

At publishing time, our journalists were informed by those who are close to the president that he had decided to become a monk; he has adopted the Monastic silence practice to avoid talking about the Phala Phala robbery. “Still waters run deep, but Empty vessels make a lot of noise.” source close to the president say he said before applying super glue to his lips.

#If it looks like satire and it sounds like satire, it is probably satire
Picture: PresidencyZA/Twitter





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