Most schools in South Africa are reopening this week and the department of education has some good new for learners living in rural areas where there are wide rivers and there are no bridges. “The recent floods in Gauteng did open our eyes big time. Because of the floods we were reminded that there are millions of learners in places like Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KZN who can’t go to school when it rains because the rivers get flooded. We therefore came up with this brilliant idea to give our learners surfboards to use to cross these rivers when they go to school in the morning and when they come back from school in the afternoon.” ,the department revealed on Tuesday. “The average price of a surfboard ranges between R7000 to R17000. We promise we will get the best for our students.” the department revealed.

The department if also looking into buying umbrellas for students who learn sitting outside in the sun because they do not have classrooms. These umbrellas will be used by learners while learning to protect themselves from sunlight and rain while learning. But that plan is still in the pipeline, South Africans should not anticipate anything like that to happen within the next hundred years. “People must not lose hope though. They must stay believing. We will get there!” the department said in their conclusion.

*Satire (Satire is not real news)



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